Monday, October 31, 2011

Figurise #2 - HG Gundam Astray Blue Frame (22 Photos)

Hey guys, for this entry i would like to show you a few photos from my first GunPla collection MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame from Gundam Seed Series. This is my first experience on Gunpla collection also my first HG Collection. Now i got 5 HG collection. Yeah, this is the old model of HG and you can get this around RM46 till RM60 depends on what shop did you bought.

I have learned a lot of Gunpla techniques from internet and i'm enjoyed it. It was differ than collecting pre-fabricate action figures. It need a lot of workmanship. Yeah as i said before, it needs experience to build and finish it. So, i decided to go on this hobby. Below is a few photos from my collection. Yeah, enjoy you guys...

 Box action!

Manual books! 

 Beam Saber Mode

Gun Rifle Mode 

 Front View

 Rear View

Bazooka Mode 

Where's my head?Haha 

Beam saber action with Gundam Strike

Gun action with Gundam Strike 

Below is my second changes on this model. Yeah, customized sometime sucks. I know. Haha


Ok. For the next figurise i will show you guys a few photos of my Gundam Strike model. Thank you!

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