Friday, June 24, 2011

It is not about MONEY, It is about SATISFACTION!

Hello. Hari ni aku emo giler bila ada orang persoalkan pasal masa & duit dalam karier aku. Kadang2 benda besar aku boleh sabar tapi benda kecik boleh buat aku naik hangin. Semua orang tahu yang aku ni kerja dalam bidang interior design. So, job aku bukanlah sama macam orang kerja bisnes, kerani or officer yang keje in office hour. Aku tau yang aku ni cakap kadang2 xserupa bikin. Kadang2 dalam berborak aku ni lebih sarcastic jer. Bukan semua aku cakap aku buat pun.
How optimist the designer work all night?Kadang2 nak lepas kena share merungut kt fb jugak.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tutorials #1 - How to make a Geometric Craft in 3ds Max

Hello u guys. For upcoming entry, i would like to shared a few tutorials in screen capture. So, today, what i'm gonna share is to make a geometric craft or Kerawang in the easiest way.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book you MUST have #5 - The JAM By ELPHONSO LAM

Ok, hari ni  gua nak berbahasa ibunda semula. Hahaha. Sebenarnya, aku pun xsure nak bagi ape nama label untuk buku, novel, komik atau majalah yang aku rasa superb!.. Kenape "Book"? Well, kira senang la. Xyah byk2kan label sbb aku pun bukan byk sangat baca buku since jadi designer ni. Serius aku ada byk collection novel grafik dari Gempakstarz. Kalau nak pick mana yang terbaik tu mmg byk la. So, aku appreciate artist2 yang ada dalam dan luar negara ni.

Okay, hari ni aku nak repost-review pasal komik lama The JAM oleh Elphonso Lam dari HK. Berkisahkan Lam Muk Choi yang berkali2 mencari hala tuju hidup untuk tanggung hidup lepas berpecah dari band terkenal. Tapi dalam masa yang sama tak berputus asa dalam membina kembali zaman band. Dalam komik ni banyak review pasal band2 punk underground sekitar asia ni. Komik ni antara komik yang aku suka baca berkali2 bila waktu free dan salah satu reference bila aku melukis especially bila nak blaja psal anatomi seorang pemain muzik.

Book you MUST have #4 - Remember By BENJAMIN ZHANG

Actually, this is the most priceless graphic novel from Gempakstarz that i have. This comic books merge with a few illustration arts from the great artist Benjamin Zhang. Actually this is not the only Benjamin illustration book i've ever seen. There's another 2 illustration books (i forgot the title) i've borrow from Ujan and it is written in mandarin language. He was very commited with her work. The comic of "Fly/Remember", storied a bit about his life's and reality about artist life. This comic was the biggest influence of my works. Now, it is the 2nd book i had bought because the previous one has been lost. I've never lost it, again. Yeah!

Covers of Remember

Maybe between the best plot of these comic.

Book you MUST have #3 - POPCORN Magazine

For local comic arts lovers and freelancer illustrator, you must know about this magazine. I'm started collecting this stuff since i can't borrow anymore from my friends.Hehe. Until now i still trying to find the previous issue of this magazine. Does anybody knows where i can find the first issue of Puppeteer and Benjamin Zhang? Seriously,this two man are really great at digital illustration. Anyway, thanks to Akmal(Hujan u r influenced my life) for introduce me to this stuff.
Latest issue of POCORN 009 (yeke?because i just got it yesterday.haha)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cool Stuff #6 - WeWood Watches

Watches is the first important things when i'm going out. Seriously i hated metal strap watch. It so heavy and uncomforted. Most of my watch collection are made from leather strap or urethane rubber strap. Especially, my favorite Casio Edifice made from tough leather but sadly, the engine doesn't working anymore and theres no more warranty on it. Its okay.

Nowadays there are a new invention of wood watch and it so cool! I really like to wearing watch with my wooden bracelet. Wood are more sustain compared to metal. Metal would corrode someday but wood doesn't (except for made of silver or gold.haha). I think these watch are already invent a few years before, but since our world are always issuing the green design element, this watches can be a symbolic trendy for luxury or casual watches.

Source WeWood

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Genius Vids! #6 - Future of Runway Modelling

3D Hologram make it cool! More fashionable, variety of style at the same time, the model doesn't need to nervous on stage and there no more model slip on runaways. Haha.

Genius Vids! #5 - Flipbook Animation

Did you remember the time during in primary school, when everybody makes a flipbook from their exercise book and later your teachers was really mad of this things? Haha. If you don't have this memories it's okay. You can try it. From doodles to great traditional animations. Theres no editing, 100%  manual stop motion animation thats make me say WOW!.. Credit to the uploaders BloodyRenegadeX for this cool videos! Don't forget to subscibe them! Yeah! Sunday Morning!

Cool Stuff #5 - Shredder Clock

"Time is Money" or in malay we called "Masa itu emas". If we waste the time, is it means we lost our money?Probably  100% truth nowadays. So, here there are a new invention to aware everyone who always woke up late and always snooze their alarms. This cool stuff doesn't have any snooze button on it. If you're late, the clock automatically shred your money. Its easy right? Sayang duit atau sayang mimpi?Haha.


Genius Vids! #4 - The Best "8-Bit Stop Mtion"

Fucking awesome stop motion video. Yeah!

Genius Vids! #3 - How the classics animation are made

Just thinking every details of character moved in every frame of the animation. Wow! Amazing!

Credits to Blogserius for this sharing.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Artemasia Studio "Final Presentation" - Part 2

A second random pick photo from previous Diploma Show. Credit to Mr. Nazrul Helmi, Cami and Amal for all these photo. For some student who doesn't have their presentation photos in here, i'm really sorry. So, for a few years ahead we will see this photos, laugh together, and we might be another person than this. Yeah, we should be greater than this. Thanks to all lecturers from UiTM Perak for all this. Goodluck everyone. Gambatte!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Artemasia Studio "Final Presentation" - Part 1

A got a few random pick photo from previous Diploma Show. Credit to Mr. Nazrul Helmi for all these photo.