Sunday, December 18, 2011

Figurise #3 - HG GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam (13 Photos)

Nowadays, aku tengok makin  ramai member2 aku ada blog portfolio yg sama konsep mcm aku. (Tam -"Yekerr??") Haha. Anyway, sorry aku tak pernah skip a month blogging but i've already did by last november.haha. Owh, right now i'm working at another company and scope that i'm doing is a lot different from before. And i don't feel a mood for updating my blog since i'm really focus on a bunch of new gunpla on my shortest weekend. Okay, this is my second gundam from Gundam Seed Series. Introduce you my GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam. Enjoice...

At the top and two from the last images is a high resolution images. So, you can download it if you want. Make it wallpaper. Like a Boss. Yeah...

Below is the gundam before i'm fully coloured base on actual model design. Yeah, i'm a hippies that time. So, i'm colored it using any gundam marker i have. It was so fake. A bit like a G Gundam, am i right? Haha.

Lately there are a second version of this HG remastered at the Malaysin market. If you like this grade, you can buy at the cost of RM45++ at any Malaysian hobby store.

So, below is the true color of Aile Strike Gundam and this photos was edit to make a bit like wallpaper. If you really like this model i much prefer you to buy a Real Grade Version because it is more detail than this High Grade version. You don't need to paint it. and it also have a great articulation than this type.

So, that al for my third figurise Gundam. Next figurise i will show you a bit of my HG Gundam Exia Repair II. Thats all for my this long term welcoming entry. Haha.


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