Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cool Stuff #6 - WeWood Watches

Watches is the first important things when i'm going out. Seriously i hated metal strap watch. It so heavy and uncomforted. Most of my watch collection are made from leather strap or urethane rubber strap. Especially, my favorite Casio Edifice made from tough leather but sadly, the engine doesn't working anymore and theres no more warranty on it. Its okay.

Nowadays there are a new invention of wood watch and it so cool! I really like to wearing watch with my wooden bracelet. Wood are more sustain compared to metal. Metal would corrode someday but wood doesn't (except for made of silver or gold.haha). I think these watch are already invent a few years before, but since our world are always issuing the green design element, this watches can be a symbolic trendy for luxury or casual watches.

Source WeWood