Friday, June 24, 2011

It is not about MONEY, It is about SATISFACTION!

Hello. Hari ni aku emo giler bila ada orang persoalkan pasal masa & duit dalam karier aku. Kadang2 benda besar aku boleh sabar tapi benda kecik boleh buat aku naik hangin. Semua orang tahu yang aku ni kerja dalam bidang interior design. So, job aku bukanlah sama macam orang kerja bisnes, kerani or officer yang keje in office hour. Aku tau yang aku ni cakap kadang2 xserupa bikin. Kadang2 dalam berborak aku ni lebih sarcastic jer. Bukan semua aku cakap aku buat pun.
How optimist the designer work all night?Kadang2 nak lepas kena share merungut kt fb jugak.

Yeah, aku kena faham job aku. Kadang2 tu biasalah kerja merungut2 kat status fb ni. It is not your fault when the submissions comes at the last minute and you need to spend extra time on your work. Hey, bukan designer jer keje lebih masa macam ni. Banyak lagi karier yang jenis bidan terjun mcm job aku. For example ; doctors, police or engineers yang kena kerja keras at the last minutes. But why are they doing it?? And your are saying this is controlled by my boss? Bullshit.

It is responsible. When come a TRUST, RESPONSIBLE comes later. When you are promising people and suddenly does not deliver on promises, are you making a trust? Well, don't be too proud if you are just a minor businessman. I know the business i all about risk, and i know how hard my eldest brother worked for making their own company without joining those multilevel marketing. And seriously, i gave a full of respect to all person who did their own business. But you're talking like a business is easy. 

My responsible to finish this work. Kalau dah bos pun stay skali ko nak cakap yang aku ni still hamba dia? No way dude.

Last time personally I've gave a full of respect about your business. Yes, I admit every time you are saying the same Hadith about 9/10 of income comes from business. But did Rasulullah told us too seek the wealth for show off to people around? Is it right? The proof when you are saying you got more free times compare to the worker who work under employer.

Honestly, i said i didn't look my boss as my paymaster. I look him as my mentor. Everyday i have learn something from him. From the simple things about life until the complicated of design projects. And is all about experience. Don't say the money and time are given by boss. Its all from Allah SWT. Don't take this syirik khafi ways. If i really wanna work for money, yes i can do it in my own. Just do some  freelance jobs, took a good price, work at home in your flexible time and generates money. Simple. Its business right. Serious.

And sometimes i saw, its like you're blaming myself in this career. Its like the most good career comes from business. Then, who will be the doctors, leaders and so all?  When talk about time, i said my jobs has full of colors. Which means it is full of satisfaction. I don't care if you're talking time. Time is time, its not easy too fulfill the people needs. But when you reach it, it is SATISFACTION. Did you have that? Yes,when later you're becoming the richest man on earth. Kalau tidak lu takkan puas cari duit mat.

With all of this point i can debate with those person who mocking me and my jobs. But i one thing is you(that person) are one of my best buddy. Even we are too far from the old memories i still gave the same full respect. I admit I've much indebted with you and your family. But this is my way.

"Do not put 'MONEY' in your life philosophy. If does your life would be meaningless"- Rasidi Saad.

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