Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evolutions of Racdieworks Graphics & Header

Hey,guys. Actually i'm very busy for a few weeks. I almost forgot I've a blogs. Haiyaa...

For a long term i'm looking at the blogs stats, banyak giler beza between early of blogging dgn sekarang. "Hurmm..Maybe graphic kat page aku ni xcukup ong la..." One thing i recognize is my second design was too minimalist. Yup,sapa sokong? Haha... minimalist is boring, try something baru. So, now I've update the graphic design of my blog and a new header. Serius aku xde idea utk header, pakai typo jer.hahaha.

 First - Monotoneous (No Pictures) & Second Header - Refresh Looks

Third Header - Minimalist Styles

Fourth Header - Futuristic&Programming Typographics

Okay, everything in my life has a story (suka hati lu nak baca ke tak...) For the first header for this blog, i'm using a patch of my works and monotone color on it. Seriously gua ingat cool la letak hitam putih sebab gua nak kasi orang tertanya2 ape work utk akan datang. But i admit, for myself it is failed. Dah la time tu blog aku kira sama jer mcm berjuta2 orang yang pakai template Awesome Inc.cuma header jer lain. Haha. So,thats the first of my blog design interface.

For the second time, aku recolor back all those patch work kt header tu. Kasi segar sket. And combination color orange tu mmg dah jadi trademark aku. So, nak bagi nmpak a bit refreshment aku try letak blue color for a few typo and background. Fresh ke tidak? Haha. Lepas tu, gua tambah 3d max typographic untuk headline title header tu.

Second Scheme Colors - Blue & Orange

So, for a long term, aku mmg suka mengubah something supaya a bit attractive. Designer la katakan. But i'm trying some minimalist style for ease people looking at all work of mine since almost of my work are on a plain white pictures. So,there's no boarder between artwork dgn background post. Header jugak nak senang letak balik vector muka aku. Senang kan?

Third Scheme - Monotone color wt Orange contrast

And right now, the new futuristic style on this blogs interface.xde la graphic sangat pun. Typo jer lebih. Sebab gua dah xde idea untuk malam ni. Haha. That all peeps. Gudnight.
Last...Comment Please...Hahaha


  1. the first one catches my eyes more than the other two. but heck, it's your blog anyway. haha

  2. ok.tp 1st one tu mcm nak menunjuk2 sgt. Thanks for da opinion putri!