Monday, January 2, 2012

Figurise #4- HG GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II (19 Photos)

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Yeah,this is my first entry for this year. So,as i promise i will show you one of my HG Gundam Collection, Gundam Exia Repair II and also the parts from the original Gundam Exia. Actually, this is not my third collection of gundam. The third one is the RX-0 Gundam Unicorn. But I will show you later which will be duel with my MSN-06S Sinanju Char Aznable Custom. So, below also i wanna show you a few Photoshop experiment that i had learn from my office mate.

Ok, talk about Gundam 00  Series, Exia is my first favourite gundam follow by 00-Raiser. I like it because it is a close combat Gundam, comes with many kind of sword. For the original Gundam Exia, it's complete with 7 sword around the body, one GN Sword+Rifle, two type of GN Blade, and 4 GN Beam Saber at the back. There are 4 types of  Gundam Exia Evolution, below there are 3 type from anime series. First one the origins, second is the fixed part GN-001REI Repair 1 and the last one from the final battle GN-001REII Repair 2.

So,this is the box art of Gundam Exia Repair II which inside are include also the parts from origins Exia.

Above : GN Sword Mode
Below : GN Rifle Mode

Above : Front View GN-001REII
Below : Rear View GN-001REII

Below are a few photos the originals parts from GN-001 Gundam Exia 

Above : Front View GN-001
Below : Rear View GN-001

Below is the dead of Exia,haha. Actually i wanna show you all the equipment from this box set. But i had missing some GN Beamsaber and the other parts of GN Blade. 

The last is the photo-experiment for the Gundam Exia. I also put some comparison before editing and after editing. This technique is quite useful for 3ds max render element. But its hard to show you how to make it.

For the wallpaper for this entry, save the photo of 1st, no.14 & 15 and photo below for the high resolution wallpaper. Open it in new tabs. Yeah, use it like a boss...


So, thats all from photo collection of  my 4th Gundam collection. Hope you all enjoy it. Don't forget to save the wallpaper, Yeah, Happy New Year Peeps...


  1. cool! anyway mas, modellingnya bikin sendiri atau om cuma edit di sotosop??

  2. asrul,ni gundam la.mane ada modeling 3ds max...photoshope please...hehe