Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book you MUST have #1 - Jerussalem in the Qur'an

I really loves reading, but since i'm taking this design courses i'm not too active in reading. Whatever it is, reading a book is something great and off course its cool than being a premature smoker (Haha...). The first divine from Allah SWT to His mesengger Muhammad SAW is Iqra' which is mean literaly read, study, learn. The first book you should read off course is the divine book of al-Qur'an and followed by al-Hadith.

Here i would like to share some books that really great and gave a good contends about our spiritual quotient.  It is "Jerussalem in the Quran" by muslim scholar Maulana Imran Nazar Hosien. This good book tell us about what is the destiny of Jerrussalem in the end of the world, the spiritual signs of the "End of te World". It also tells a few story about what is the main character of the Jerussalem and His apostle. This is the first english books i have read almost 3 times.

First time i read,  i'm borrowed from my fellow friends Hudzaifah Hamdan. The main issue that attract me to this book he said "...dajjal sebenarnya mungkin ideologi bermata satu. Mata manusia ada dua; mata fizikal dan mata hati. Yang dajal buta sebelah matanya adalah mata hati dia. Jadi jika manusia buta mata hati maknanya dia adalah salah seorang dari pengikut dajal. Tapi Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Pengasihani..."

Follow by this question "...apa yang kau tahu pasal tanda2 kiamat, matahari terbit dari barat?" Then i just answered "bila matahari pagi terbit dari barat lah..." Then Hud said "...itu secara fizikal@tersuratnya. Tapi secara spiritual@tersiratnya bermaksud pada akhir zaman Barat merupakan contoh2 bagi negara Islam mahu dari segi politik, ekonomi, gaya hidup dab semuanya. Jadi kalau kita follow barat bermakna kita sendiri menerbitkan Barat dalam hati kita...".

This book shows how the spreading and the movement of this ideology on to this world. "...a day like a year..a day like a month...a day like a week...and at the end of the day will be like our day. That time the false messiah Dajjal will appear...". From Britain to United States lastly into the promise land of Israel. So, i think every people should read this. Last four month i have found the malay translation in Saba Media Bookstore in Setiawangsa. Last, "Bacalah"...

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