Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cool Stuff #2 - THIS Toothbrush

First when you saw it maybe you will say, "Hey bro,this is Kayu Sugi la..apa nk pelik nya...". But nowadays, the dajalis (bcoz they are from Barat.haha...i think u should read the previous entry...) realized that this Kayu Sugi or "The Miswak" is more affective than using the Boral-B or suspiciousColghetto.

Remind me when i'm studying in SMT Gombak which my fellow nasyeed friends who joining the Tabligh. Everytime when we're having a wuduk, they will brush their teeth using this kayu sugi. Moreover, they're sharing the same toothbrush together(uiks?!)... But thats good for them.
From The Daily What

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