Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cool Stuff #1 - Puma El Rey

"The Super Coolest Shoes On Planet.."Haha.(Perasan) Sebab agak funky design kasut ni. Sekarang ni aku sangat tergila2kan collection kasut ni. Aku start beli kasut ni since aku keje kt KLCC. Mula2 nk beli agak pikir bayak kali gak sebab kasut ni rare.(that time mmg rare sbb aku xpnah masuk branch puma.haha..) Setakat ni aku cuma ade 3 pasang Puma El Rey. Tapi tu bleh count as collection la jugakkan. Kasut ni direka oleh designer terkenal "Philippe Stark". So, below is my 1st el rey "Factory Red". 2nd is el rey "Prep School" and last is my new el rey "cross perf"...

Behold the King
If you remember your high school Spanish, you know that El Rey means The King. And if you were one of those kids who took French or Latin, well, you'll just have to take our word for it. Can you expect royal subjects to drop at your feet when you slip these on? No, but you might find yourself walking a little taller in these kingly kicks.

Canvas upper with pinstripe lining
Hook-and-loop midfoot strap for support and easy on/off
Rubber toe wrap for scuff-proofing
Slip-on styling
Puma logo on heel

The classic sneaker gets a street-wise modern makeover in PUMA’s El Rey. This slip-on style features a split vamp, fresh rubber strap, and a fully padded interior complete with pin-striped lining so you’ll look feel as cool as you look

Bawah ni gambar betoi collection aku. Tapi el rey factory aku tertinggal kat kampus. Haha. Apapepun al rey factory aku la paling banyak berjasa. thats why dlam byk2 work aku korang bleh tengok kasut merah ni. For example dalam Lesson After & Neon. Check this out!

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