Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sebuah Kisah Klasik...(2005)

This is one of my comic. It was publish in school magazine when i'm studied in SMART. Story of my life, i felt a bit miserable when changing school. So, i wrote down my story of boarding school and picture it in comic style. The conclusion it seem gave me a bit motivation on surviving this life. Whatever path did u took u must strive on it. So, i all about me on the past 2003 till 2004.

The last pages was recolor version to refresh the main issues & conclusion that i can shared with others. Thanks to all my fellows from SMK Sg. Pusu. Yeah,thats it...


  1. bila aku bace komik ni, teringat semua memori kat ostel dulu. Semuanya sama.

  2. Common story utk smua yg pnah dok boarding school.Haha