Tuesday, March 8, 2011

After a few weeks : Hya peeps!

Well for a few weekend i didn't touch any or posting a new blogs. Actually my schedule was very pack and there are some of issue i wanna hightlight. yeah, i'm still didn't have a free time for research for my next entry. Busy, busy, busy bla bla bla...Etr, thesis. i.d, furnitura. 

Well it is all stuck in my mind. Yeah, this is a spontaneous entry which is means, i'm not the hangat-hangat tahi lembu.haha...Why lembu? Cow dung? Yeah, because it is full of methane gases that polute our air. If you guys read "Infiniti" magazine last month, there are some stories about fine & tax on cow farting. Huh?! Cow fart & tax?WTF?!!...

Hey, cow-cow! You kentut you bayar lah!

You guys, before we blaming cow, we should see what we are doing. Stop pollution lah! 

Yeah, it really happens in several country that care about global awareness...Haha.. At least, there's no warm cow dung in my blog. I'm just busy. Yeah, another reason is my broadband so slow like a "sifut" haha. Seafood is not what i mention... D*** broadband in Seri Iskandar sucks. They supposed to upgrade more on their facilities. Haha..I think i'm in high.. Lalala. Thats all for my re-coming entry after a few busy-ness weeks.

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