Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quote & Philosophy #5 - Unknown (Hukama'@Mutiara Kata)

" Jika mahu membunuh tanaman, racunlah akarnya. Jika mahu membunuh bangsa, racunlah sejarah mereka"

As salam my friends. Hari ni aku nak share sikit pasal a new blog i found, invite by my fellow friends about spiritual and religious. It is Paradigma MUKMIN. Before this aku suka baca blog orang lain. And the most all time favourite aku adalah about Paranoia Days. Maybe korang xfaham ape tu paranoia days, actually my own words referring about Israelist, Jewish, End of the World, New World Order, Illuminatist, Freemasonary and semua yg sama waktu dengannya.
The freemason & illuminatist
Petanda Kiamat

This kind of blog memang bersepah-sepah dan setiap blogger memberi pandangan mereka tentang isu ni. But one thing yang aku xsuka is there so many plagiarist on this issue. Yeah, bagi aku if u are creating blogs u should have your own words lah. I know every blogger needs some issue but at least some of that should be credited to the person who wrote it. And every topic some kind of un relavent with others.

For some reader who new in this topics should be careful bcoz if u are being someone who believe something and pass the story to others without telling anyone who really mean in this topic, you will get lost. And so about the Arrival video. Aku bukan cakap this kind of video xbagus tapi kalau datang ketaksuban dalam sesuatu isu boleh menyesatkan diri. Aku lagi prefer korang take some books for reference rather than wacthing video only.

Okay talk about this blog i mention above, (sorry for offline tracks.haha) This blog aku rasa content de mmg sesuai bagi muslims. Not really talk about this paranoia days, it comes with mutiara kata and a few issue about muslims.

So, my friends, be careful when reading some blog talk about religion. Kena jaga2 jugak. Muslihat ada dimana-mana. Well, about the quotes above come from blog i mention. So if u guys wanna watch it, just go to this link- Paradigma MUSLIM -

Yeah, scid just come back from dream. Haha.

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