Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cool Stuff #4 - Democratic Chess

The Democratic Styles

I have a lots of boards games. Most of entire childhood life develop by a few popular board games such as checkers(dam aji), chess, monopoly, scrabble, uno cards, snakes & ladder, carom, cluedo and others. But most all time favorite is chess. Usually i will play it with my brother. I still remind when in junior high, i have a tournament with the best chess student in school. First i thought i can't beat or "kasi cuak" this guy because he is the leader of school chess player but on that time i'm nearly beat him and i lose bcoz of my careless. Maybe he just play a child games with me. Haha. 

Story of traditional chess or "The Royal Games" starts emerged in Europe during the second half of the 15th century, it came from the evolutionary of ancient Indian games called Chaturanga. Traditional chess set consists of a monarchy with entourage including a castle/city, soldiers/knights and pawns/people.

 Nowadays, the designer Florian Hauswirth  from Switzerland has introducing a new strategic chess method in democratic style. The pieces can be stacked to combine abilities of each pieces. Each form of the figures has function that can be re-interpreted, which means  the game rules can be change. This innovation can increases the unpredictability of the game, creating a new innovation of chess games. It can be play in three ways which is normal chess (monarchy) with the traditional rules, the democratic chess, with flexible values and play scenarios and a constructive children’s game or checkers.

The Royal Games Style

More stack more abilities

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