Saturday, May 7, 2011

Infographics #1 - 15 Thing Worth Knowing About Coffee

Yeah today i think i wanna shared some infographics from internet. I really like to watch a website or blogs who sharing some infographics. It is like a information knowledge on fancy & attractive posters to ease people to understand what are they wanna share. I really like it and usually i look at the oatmeal or college humor. As we see everybody, who really like to overwork & stay up overnight usually they're taking some caffeine drinks like coffee, coke or any energy drinks. So, below i wanna share some information about coffee.

Now for me coffee isn't my first choice for energy caffeine but this things are very useful before i met "Redbull Less Sugar!" or another words "air roh binatang".

But seriously i like a black dis-sugarized coffee comes with original glazed doughnut by Krispe Krime. Haha. Okay.

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