Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Imsonian Lover (2008)

This is my previous illustration 2008 story about a couple who had an imsonian because of ...ehem..well you all can predict what it is..haha..

I still remember in last three year this is what i'm having all overnight. Sometimes when i got a extra credit in my prepaid i will call her. Oh, i remember on that time most of teenagers like us are waiting for Hotlink budget promotion (i didn't remind what it is called) if we purchase that just pay rm3 for 2hours talktime. And for some time when i don't have any credits i will take my daily activity which is drawing an illustration.haha. good substitution.

Seriously, i am a fool who left his girlfriends because of career. i'm such a jerk. Yeah, maybe because of my ego i'm change all the story like a novel and suddenly i'm starving for her love. cheh... Thats all for my miserable. cheh!...

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