Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scid!..Come on..Its May! Your presentation is over...

Its been a long time i didn't update any entry on my blogs..(What?only 2 entry on April?.)Haha...Well actually i'm having a great@hardest period in my "designing life"(Haha,its student life lah) which a very annoy,brutal...neah..barbaric,untitled day...Huh..sigh~..i didn't know what is the main point to describe about my life during that time.

This is after presentation actually. Same like a corpse playing with Facebook.

But seriously i didn't have any idea...Everything goes around I've took it subconsciously. Its like a man on drugs of designing. Every idea come under consciousness and me as designer took it bla bla bla and when came the time for presentation...i'm blurr..Haha

Yeah, i should realize what am i designing and purposed of it. I'm very surreal on that time. Its a shame for me especially when Mark Taylor said " if we gave u more time, u may have a really good design..."Huh,choy...

On that presentation also i forgot to say every point and idea gave by my lecturers especially during the time when Puan Jijie had whispered to me " sidi! terangkan pasal gmbar tu!"..but i'm still blurr with it. suddenly i forgot it. Haha. after the presentation period "kan saya dah pesan suruh awak describe pasal idea saya tu!" and in my mind that time "ah!ape aku dah buat!tidak!!!!" a movie,haha. and then in the tone of angry+calm, Puan Jijie said is okay u have try your best.

During the presentations.

(Sorry, Its too much "haha" on my blog bcoz its my trademark at the same time i think i'm in high...haha)

Sincerely, i lose my confident before the presentation. Oh! i'm skipping the story actually. I had presentation on the first day of diploma show on 28th April. On the night of 27th all the student who selected to present on the first day should pin ups their work on that night before 9.30pm. But i'm the last person submit it. Its been a rushing time that  night. I lose my confident on that night bcoz of it. I'm supposed to finish 4 manual drawing, 4 digital perspective and 2 axonometry before that night. I don't wanna be a person who done their work on the last minute before presentation. I'm so tired and my favorite friends is the only redbull (or another new name is "ayak roh binatang")

On that time what in my mind is "the only objective of mine is to pass this challenge, I've done the best on my work, i don't care any result come out after this but seriously i want to pass even i'm losing my last confident tomorrow."

Confident? Maybe...

During the day of presentation, after the last board pins up, i'm trying to stay away from my works. Yeah,probably i don't wanna say this is my works. Okay, flashback to the previous presentation, every time during presentation,  if i'm satisfies on my work i will stand there, to see how the people react on my work, its same their satisfaction with what i feel? and when i'm not doing something good on my work i will go back to my room and take a sleep. haha..yeah. thats me...negative is it?

But, what happen on that time is when every people around, impatient and waiting for my works especially my juniors. I'm sorry, seriously on that time i wanna come back to the first time on this semester. but when every people came and they said my work was very good(i don't know if they're sarcastic.), i just think the words of Einstein "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." which means u see the beauty of my work originally but u didn't know where i got this idea and weakness@strengths behind it. (Thanks to Geoff for sharing me the quote)

Is it good or bad En.Azizul?

That what makes me feel better after that, people likes my sketches. Lecturers also, and maybe b'coz i'm doing some manual drawing. Thanks Allah for gave me back my confident. Oh ya! Thanks also to my fellow friends from s.alam Sha & Mimi for giving me thought a bit before my presentation. But the last challenge on that day is "scid,are u prepared for the text on your  presentation?what would u talk about your design?and don't u forget what en.Nizam said?did u know your serious problem is to speak louder?" hurmm... Ones again the insane man called Rasidi start his craziness idea which is "hentam saja lah".haha.Thats why my presentation a loose on some vital point. but alhamdulillah, i can speak clearly (even its a bit sangkut2 likes errr...errr...haha)

She's gave me a bit confident before presentation. Arigatou Sha!

Thats my story during the presentation time. Actually there are a tons of help from my friends especially from Artemasians, all lecturers and the subcon. (Actually, I've many point to talk about but i'm very lazy to think again.) Owh, maybe what i wanna highlight is the quote from Einstein. Just take it. Bla bla bla.

Tomorrow i will continue my story on the last moment with Artemasia. I think i should explain what is Artemasia is all about. The real story that never been tell by anybody (probably.haha)

Credit to brader Nazrul Helmy for the photos.


  1. Lepas ni ko plak syakir.dah la korg pnye sem singkat.challenging dow!