Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I think i just have SKIZO

Did u watch the Fight Clubs? Or the Butterfly effects? thats movies talk about people who have this skizophrenia disease. Which the person who got these mental disease will have delusional on having another identity or having another alternative life.

I just thinking that i have this. Every people who having this will got this things called "ubermench"  Just like Tyler Durden, i think i just have this split identity. Especially when i'm going mad, that was serious. And when i'm talk to others about this they will laugh at me because "cd, u r so surrealism!" "Hey cd, don't keep dreaming science fictionally lah!Haha.." Ok, just like what i wrote in all my journal blogs, it will never spoke in my real life because i'm live in hyperhypocryticalasticanova! Thats it...

Guys this is Tyler Durden, He's not real. Don't trust him.

No more explaination and examples because people don't trust this skizophrenia people is because they are stone. Oh, i'm just tell what i'm sure u don't believe. Scid, are u drunk? Because racdie & scid are different person...and Scid hates me to have a girlfriends. Thats why till now i'm still singles. Haha

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