Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Point of View and Quote & Philosophy #3 - Kurt Cobain

Question of the day, why you are making blog? ok,i give you option; for being famous? or you wanna be a good writer or you just wanna follow trend? Haha... by only watching the Blogger Boy and then "ah, is that great for being a mysterious blogger. lets make a blog!" haha.. You make me LOL...

Well, what i'm trying to share is about someone who are very passion on writing. I really likes to read FOA blogs by The Notorious Obefiend. I just started read that blog since practical training, for me its just not and ordinary blogs, it contains full of emotional&spirit and what are they wrote is not just a daily personal diary. "Hari ini aku jumpa awek jepong. Aku ajak dia pegi tengok wayang" Haha.

They are wrote about people, world, politics and more than that. Even there're a few entry that will take him into ISA(I read about politics but i don't wanna talk about it bcoz designer have their own political life.Haha..) And its no good for making blog for famous. Like the "Teh Tarik Gelas Besar" also share about what is the effects when you really honest in writing. You will lost your friends, maybe wanted by government and make a good public  enemy.

What is my point is to share what i'm wrote in each of my illustrations. Well, i very loves drawings,paintings and share each story of it. Even there are some weirdos on that articles "semua work aku tulis B.Melayu sebab time tu aku xreti cakap English" Haha. And sometimes we should give reaction to what happen in public. So, thats the point what i want to talk about. Kita ni orang biasa, banyak buat salah. So be yourself even people hates you rather than being copycat or plagiarist.

"I rather to be hated for being myself
than be loved for being somebody I'm not"
Kurt Cobain

Thanks to tehtarikgelasbesar and obefiend. Happy blogging.

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