Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sesuatu (2007)

SMTG,2007 - Actually, the real title for this drawing is "Permulaan" tapi aku ubah kepada "Sesuatu" bcoz what happen is really unexpected. Masa ni aku first time aku jadi player (i know u don't trust me,haha...). S was my girlfriend but at the same time i don't know why i came out with E. Damn! E is just a co-worker. That time, aku memang xfaham kenape?.

On that time jugak aku patahkan hati E bile dia tanya yang aku couple dgn S ke tak. Yelah, mane xsuspek kalau tiap2 hari S dtg jmpa aku kat koperasi. For me E is very honest, innocent, alim(bcoz she's wearing tudung labuh all time), baik & all the perfect&good muslim woman have. And i didn't have to keep lying on her.

After that, i just keep on my track with S and i tell all this story to S. She's took my apology. By then, i think S really understand why i do so bcoz we are came from the same school before. Its just a past memory and future lesson. This drawing are re-drawn in year 2008 bcoz the real copy were given to E. I know my english is bad. Haha...

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