Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Deco Theme "DC Universe Kiosk" Sketches (2009)

This is one of my student work during final second semester. The best part of my life is developing something from my surrealistic imaginary into a good look design. This design comes from the image of Niagara Hudson Building a.k.a Niagara Mohawk. Also it comes from the idea of DC Comic "Justice League America" members called "The Hawkman". Sometimes it looks like "Mighty Thor" from Marvel Comics and Angelmon from Digimon Adventures.

The development of ideas and the studies on structure of design. 

This is the sectional from front view 

 This is sectional from left elevation view

This is one of the presentation perspectives of interior view

All above is a rough work from my portfolio collection. I hope this will be the benchmark for someone who have unexpecting idea on their design task.


  1. syakir,ko pun bleh tahan gak.haha...susah gak nk dpt mood cam time pt2 dulu.smangat membara!