Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Just nak share je. On 21st Jan i went to the Rhythm & Hues Malaysia in Central Square, Cyberjaya. Rhythm & Hues (R&H) is international award winning studio specialized in visual effect & CGI program. Establish in Los Angeles, they have another branch studio in Mumbai, Hyderabad and the latest in Cyberjaya. Now, they're localized in Malaysia almost about 2 years starting with 4 person till now they have about 105 staff. For upcoming movies they're making is Yogi Bear which is 40 person in charge comes from Malaysia. For the next movies under this studios is X-men First Class. Lets check this out!

The studios concept is open & free for others. Which there are no boss room, no manager room and no management office because they want to treat the staff as family. This is just the temporary office studio, thats why they don't have any company signage other than this banner.

Main Foyer - The place where they have briefing on projects. They did some annual meeting here.

This is staff studios. The staff will be treat as an artist so, they can decorate their place with what they want (i really likes that transformers toys.blablablah...)

This is the training room for apprentice student. They will be train about 3 to 6 month and at the time there are not more than 16 student at the same time.

Since this is an international studio, they want some localized concept such as Malacca style for Malaysia, British Indian style for Mumbai branch. It is to gave their artist feel more comfort and more local.

This is discussion room. They have many video conference especially when they have corporate project another branch in LA, Mumbai & Hyderabad.

 This is the pantry for staff.

This is the utility room where they have custom built & repair PC for working.

And this is me with Mr. Hasnul Shamsuddin, the Senior Manager from support team at Rhythm & Hues Malaysia.

There are a lot of picture and room likes theater room, server room, activity room that i need to share but i think its okay to put a little bit sharing experience on this. So, if you got interested in this industries just go to R&H Malaysia website and email them for the recruitment. Its pleasure to meet Rhythm & Hues. I hope they will take our country step ahead in developing CGI industries.

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